Bob Strenger

Sound Designer / Composer

SOUND PHILOSOPHY: Design phenomenal sound to enhance the quality of the user’s experience, evoke emotional response, connection, and augment creative design elements.

Featured Work

Disney Interactive: Epic Mickey 2 - Dynamic Cutscene (sfx, vo editing and mix)

Disney Interactive: Epic Mickey 2 - Spladoosh Dev Kit Char Demo (all sound)

Sega: Aliens Colonial Marines E3 Demo - (sounds and implementation)

TimeGate: Section 8 Prejudice - (sounds, implementation. dialog editing, mixing)

Sony: PlayStation Now - Logo Sound (all sound) - OriginStudios

Kingsisle: Wizard 101 - Celestial Calendar (all sound design)

IGT: Wheel Of Fortune - Mystery Link (all sound effects, music & implementation)

Kingsisle: Wizard 101 - Leviathon (all sound design)

Soul & Vibe: SirVival (All sound effects and stingers for iOS and FaceBook.)

Atomic Games: Six Days in Fallujah All sounds (SFX, VO, Music, implementation)